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E.T.T Notification No: 123/ETT-2nd year /2008-10 - Click to View

(Notification No. : 123/ETT-2nd year /2008-10)
Secrecy ETT Jammu 03, Nov 2017
E.T.T Notification No: 147/ETT-2nd year /2009-11/Annual - Click to View

(Notification No. : 147/ETT-2nd year /2009-11/Annual)
Secrecy ETT Jammu 11, Nov 2017
ETT 2nd year Annual Pvt (2016) Re-evaluation Result Notification - Click to View

(Notification No. : )
Secrecy ETT Jammu 01, Nov 2017
ETT 1st year Annual Private Exam (2016) re-evaluation result notification - Click to View

(Notification No. : )
Secrecy ETT Jammu 30, Oct 2017
E.T.T Notification regarding last date of submission of Admission cum permission forms for ETT 1st and 2nd year - Click to View

(Notification No. : F(ETT-Exam)B/JD/1st & 2nd year-2017)
Secrecy ETT Jammu 13, Oct 2017
Result Notification No: 03/DEED/2016/Annual - Click to View

(Notification No. : 03/DEED/2016/Annual )
Secrecy ETT Jammu 14, Sep 2017
Notification regarding the last date for submission of application for D.El.Ed course - Click to View

(Notification No. : F(PS-JS/D/D.El.Ed)B/JD/2017)
Secrecy ETT Jammu 15, Sep 2017
Notification No: 12/ETT-1st Year/2011-13/Bi-An - Click to View

(Notification No. : 12/ETT-1st Year/2011-13/Bi-An)
Secrecy ETT Jammu 12, Jul 2017


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